Watkins Glen, NY

We decided to take a trip to the Finger Lakes, New Yorks famed wine country.  The drive up was long and melodic as we drove through hundreds of miles of rolling hills, farm land, and vast countryside.  It was a drizzly day as strong storms had moved through New York; a glimpse into the 2012 Hurricane season.

Our first stop was at Watkins Glen State Park.  The drizzly weather had nearly cleared up and the park was relatively empty for a summer weekend.  I felt silly for changing into hiking boots after realizing the “trails” were paved with stone.   The park was an amazing work of art combining the sculpture of thousands of years of erosion from Glen Creek, man made stone archways, and remnants of 18th century water powered mills.

After exploring the trails in and around the Gorge we ventured next to the park into an old cemetery where I was fascinated by the details of gravestones spanning the last 150 years as well as the mausoleums.

Time for the wine!  We drove north on the west side of Seneca Lake to start our sampling of NY Wine Country.  After a couple wineries we determined that we need to make some changes in our strategy.

  • We would need to be more discriminate in where we go.  There are approximately 100 wineries in the region!!
  • We should get a single sampling and share it.  Drinking and Driving is No Bueno!
  • We need to carry more cash more often.

We eventually ran out of daylight and open wineries and resolved to a bottle of Concord grape wine and setup free camp in the Finger Lakes National Forest.

After a relaxing night in the National Forest we started the wine trail again, today resolute on only sampling high quality (read: not sweet-riesling) wines.  The best wine we found was  from the super hippy, Shalestone Vineyards.  I can’t say I remember much of the rest…

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