Batsto Village

We decided to explore Southern New Jersey today with a trip to Wharton State Forest around Batsto Village and Lake.  The  Mullica River Trail was our primary choice, but the footbridge had been destroyed by storms.  Instead we enjoyed learning about the ecology of the Pine Barrens on our hike around Tom’s Pond Trail.  On the other side of Mullica River and next to the black cedar waters of Batsto Lake is the living museum village of Batsto.

Batsto Village, a former bog iron and glassmaking industrial center from 1766 to 1867 that currently reflects the agricultural and commercial enterprises that existed here during the late 19th century NJ Department of Parks and Forestry

Although on the day we visited there were no demonstrations or historical guides we enjoyed our self guided tour.  We were fascinated by the numerous houses, farm buildings and village buildings of the late 18th and early 19th century.   While researching Batsto Village I stumbled across the Batsto Village Citizen Comitee website, this site is full of great information, but is no comparison to walking through history!

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