Quebec Road Trip Day 2: Lake Champlain

Rested from our hike and day 1 of our roadtrip we set out to explore Burlington and the shores of Lake Champlain; the long waterway that separates Vermont and New York.  We went for a walk in Oakledge Park, during our walk we found a tree house that conjures up memories of how it must have felt to live like the Swiss Family Robinson.  Walking along the rocky shores we found Island Line Trail, which guided us along the cliffs and passed by several chimneys; remains from early 20th century resort cottages.  As we walked north the trail changed from rocky cliffs to sandy beachfront.  The beaches ended at a clearing with a 43.5 foot Earth Clock, in which your body creates the shadow to read the clock.

On our way back to downtown Burlington we stumbled upon the worlds tallest filing cabinet, a 38 foot work of recycling art.  Vermont is quirky; Vermont is cool!

worlds tallest filing cabinet
The worlds tallest filing cabinet, measures 38 feet.

Checked out of the hotel and on the road we drove north-east to Waterbury, VT for a quick stop at possibly the best known Vermont icon: Ben & Jerry’s!!!  Full of rich ice cream and back in the car we didn’t make 5 minutes before we stopped at Cold Hollow Cider Mill.  Tourist stops I’m sure, but we were tourist-ing.

A few hours later we were crossing the border into Quebec, a first for both of us.

Welcome to Quebec sign
Welcome to Canada and the Providence of Quebec!!

Approximately 10 minutes into the providence we lost cell service and about a minute after that we realized we didn’t have the slightest clue where we where.  Afraid of getting severely lost, we decided there would be no rest stops until Montreal…

We arrived in Montreal after dark and decided that we would venture toward the downtown for some poutine and wine at Poutineville before settling in for the night at Auberge Manoir Ville Marie!

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