Quebec Road Trip Day 1: Lake George, NY

Our first road trip together! Our first stop was 300 miles away at Lake George, NY for some Adirondack hiking. Our early morning start got us to the Village of Lake George which was still closed for the winter season. We continued north to the Tongue Mountain Range inside the Adirondack Park. Out of the car and hiking with the goal of Five Mile Mountain we started our slippery hike through the snow crusted forest. Minutes after we began a NY Park Ranger bursts out of the trees, scaring us still as he runs along the trail.

Amanda hiking on snow
A snowy and often slippery hike on Tongue Mountain Range Trail

Ranger now far behind us we continued our hike in peace; through the ravines and up the spine of the range to Brown Mountain. We continued up and down making our way to Five Mile Mountain. It was from the summit of Five Mile Mtn. that finally had a clear view of Lake George and the mountains that lay on the other side. Directly visible across the lake was Black and Elephant Mountains. We took some time to relax and enjoy the views, took some pictures then started to make our way back to the car.

Our hike back to the car was much the same a our hike to the Five Mile summit, with the addition of some added excitement!  I went for a slide down a snowy hill and jumped off some huge logs!

As we were leaping through the snow covered mountain trail, my camera took a dive of a steep cliff, and I almost went with it. I backtracked our path and finally found the camera, surprisingly in one piece, except for the lens…no biggie. What a way to start our Spring Break!  I did get at least one good photo.

Snow capped peaks seen from Lake George
Snow capped peaks visible in the far distance from our Tongue Mountain hike at Lake George

Apparently we were done hiking for the day so we hurried back to the car and continued our north-bound journey though beautiful New York State.  A few miles before we crossed Lake Champlain into Vermont we had to stop for a few more pictures of the mountains and farms.  This had been an incredibly scenic trip so far.

Almost in Burlington, VT we decided to stop and have a beer or three; first at Fiddlehead (good), then at Magic Hat (meh).  Full of hops and malted grains we checked into our hotel, changed and explored Church Street Pedestrian Market.  Burlington, VT = cool!

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