Quebec Road Trip Day 5: Au Revoir Montréal

Before leaving Montreal we had to stop by the legendary Fairmount Bagels in the Little Italy neighborhood.  I had read that Montreal has its own style of wood-fired bagels, which were both very good and unlike the New York versions I had grown up with.  Upon walking into the shop you could tell this place was the real deal.  The shop was running like a well-oiled machine with bagels being fired by the dozen.  I ordered one with cream cheese and a piece of locally smoked salmon.

Our first Canadian destination completed, we got back on the road and headed east to our next stop in Baie-Saint-Paul.

We stopped for some local brews at Charlevoix Microbrasserie (Microbrewery) and then drove around the town at least 10 times looking for a place to stay.  After turning down a few $400/night bed and breakfasts we were settled in. We would need our rest for the tiaga*!

*Due to the SEPAQ rangers french accent I kept thinking she was telling us we were going to see tigers, which didn’t make sense; it turns out Grand-Jardin National Park has section of tiaga (snowforests) that are unique due to their south-ness.

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