Quebec Road Trip Day 4: Montreal’s Markets

Auberge-Hotel Manoirville-Marie

Our day started out a little more organized and structured than yesterday, we listened to a few podcasts teaching us greetings in French and researched the various markets in Montreal.  Living in Philadelphia has spoiled us to the amazing-ness that is the Reading Terminal Market  and we heard Montreal had similar indoor markets!

We figured out where the transit stop was and walked the short walk to the bus. A super fast train ride later we were 6 miles away in Little Italy headed for Marché Jean-Talon.

Jean-Talon Market was a sensory overload upon first entry; Montreal was way colder than we expected and seeing so many bright and colorful fruits, veggies, flowers, and spices made us want to setup camp in the market.

We walked around Little Italy for a bit, trying to catch a glimpse into life in this part of the city.

No trip to Montreal is complete without a visit up Mount Royal Park and  the Chalet.

Our day wound down as we walked along the Saint Laurence River.  We explored the Atwater Market, people watched, and walked with no agenda until we found ourselves sipping wine in another of Montreal’s fine eateries.   It was another fine albeit cold day in the original capital of the Providence of Canada.


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