Quebec Road Trip Day 6: Parc National Des Grand-Jardins

Over the river and into the middle of Quebec, Canada to discover the tiaga (snow forests). Mount Swan Lake Trail was our destination for another snowy hike on our spring break roadtrip; as we drive we wonder why we went north into the cold, while the rest of the country goes south.

Our quest to find the wild moose of Canada took us to the summit of Mount Swan Lake in the Grand-Jardin National Park.  We reach the windy summit, took a couple of quick pictures, and travel down the mountain to enjoy our snack.  No moose sightings yet, but we did see a lone Downy Woodpecker.

We hiked down the frozen Lake George to covered picnic spot we passed earlier for some wine and cheese.  Where we did finally spot some four-legged wildlife; a friendly squirrel who wanted to steal our lakeside lunch.

Before going to the car and leaving we climbed up a huge boulder and struck model poses on the top.

Back in the car we drove west with Quebec City as our final destination of the day, but first a quick stop at Montmorency Falls; the highest falls in Quebec, even higher than Niagara!

Chris’ Notes:  I could never pick a favorite hike, but this is definitely a top hike.  Maybe it was the bottle of wine!

Chris dragging a wine bottle
Dragging my empty wine bottle down the trail

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