Quebec Road Trip Day 7: Quebec City

Waking up in Quebec City was unlike any other place I have been to date! It truly has an authentic Old World or European feel from the tiny cobbled streets, walled forts, grandiose stone buildings, and everyone speaking a foreign language makes you feel thousands of miles away from the home.

We found ourselves starting the morning in what seemed to be a fancy coffee shop with enormous coffees and the best croissants

Almond Croissant and Cappuccino
Almond Croissant and Cappuccino

Caffeinated from several cups of amazing coffee we ventured out into the drizzly city.  Armed with origami-folded tourist maps we explored the Ramparts of Quebec City. These walls surrounding Old Quebec are the last remaining fortified city walls in North America!! We walked along the St. Lawrence River from Old Port to the Citadelle of Quebec where we explored the military museum.

Our explorations took us back into Quebec City where we we explored the wall art & public squares.  The Place Royale is one of the oldest square in North America and is adorned with all the iconic symbols of an old world public space; cobblestone streets on a skewed angle, stone buildings with Crayola colored roofs, and a bronze bust of some-guy.  We wandered into J.A. Moisan and wandered around wide eyed looking at all the groceries crammed on the wooden shelves, only to learn later it was the oldest grocery store in North America!  Our tramping around the city finally lead us to the funicular, a vertical rail elevator, and down the hundreds of stairs to the “Basse-Ville” (lower town) and its shops and restaurants.

Our night ended in the basse-ville at Le Lapin Sauté a restaurant specializing in québécois style county faire especially rabbit.  We shared a rabbit pie.  It was delicious!!

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