Quebec Road Trip Day 8: Sugar Shack Baby!

During the maple syrup “sugaring” season, locals and foreigners visit the sugar shack for a traditional maple syrup themed meal, accompanied with live music, dancing, wooded spoon noise makers, and adult refreshments. Not speaking french we sat wide-eyed in amazment and confusion until we were taken under the wing of a Quebe family (from PEI) local family who not only translated for us, but also explained the traditional and introduced to a plethora of new foods including pig ears.

They guided us along the evenings festivities until the when the entire dining hall went out back.  A tradition during sugaring season is to make snow formed maple syrup taffy. The staff poured freshly boiled syrup onto a block of snow to make a taffy, the children and adults alike use popsicle sticks to twirl the maple syrup into an handheld treat.  These people really know how to have a good time. I was not able to eat the four or five “required” maple syrup taffy sticks for good luck. On the other hand, Chris gladly ate all of the maple syrup taffy, but later regretted it on the ride home.

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