Bushkill Falls & Grey Towers

Off to see the “Niagara of Pennsylvania”, also known as Bushkill Falls. The scenery was littered with beautiful waterfalls, but the “hike” was mediocre.  Pushing past groups of people that thought they were “hiking” was a little frustrating, but is was a nice day and we still enjoyed our walk on the wooden platforms. At the top of the falls we reached a pavillion and shared an expensive ice cream before heading down. We should have known that this wasn’t going to be a strenuous hike, but we still enjoyed the cascading falls.  ((Chris’s Note:  Learn from our mistake and be dubious of any paid access to nature.  Over a third of all the land in the US is freely accessibly, thats 2 billion acres!  Go marvel at that.  Here is a great place to start:  DiscoverTheForest.org)

We headed to Port Jervis to visit Amanda’s cousin and spend the night.  The following day they recommended a visit to nearby Grey Towers Historical Site the former house of Gifford Pinchot.  The grounds were open for a self guided tour so we wandered around and filled in the details with our imagination.

Headed home from Grey Towers we stopped at an ice cream stand visited some goats.  Chris reenacted the spaghetti scene from Lady and The Tramp with one of the goats.

(Chris’s Note:  Looking at this weekend from a distance we seemed to have struck upon the most ironic of themes.  Both Bushkill Falls and Gifford Pinchot believe in the conservation of nature for commercial use; while romantics such as John Muir believe in preservation of nature in awe of its splendor.)



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