Acadia: Cadillac Mountain & Precipice Trail

Our day in Acadia began at 3:30am.  Stumbled out of our hammocks into complete darkness we fumbled for our headlamps, warmer clothes, keys, and brains.   We had originally wanted to hike to the summit of Cadillac Mountain to watch the sunset; we realize now how insane idea was, it was difficult to gather ourselves to drive at 3am never-mind hiking in the middle of the night.  We settled down on our section of rocky outcropping and watched the blue sky turn from black to blue.  This was curtain call, the show was about to begin.  The blue predawn sky yielded to intense pinks and oranges; the sky was streaked with gentle wispy clouds very high up.  As the sky grew brighter and the intense colors faded as if scripted, low laying puffy clouds moved into to fill the Mt. Desert Narrows.

Good Morning world, the day has begun.

What is keeping these pieces of metal that are supporting my weight from ripping out of the granite?

The day begun for the deer but for us we decided a nap was in order.  Back to the comfort of our hammock home we caught a few hours of sleep before our visit to Acadia National Park again to hike up Precipice Trail.  Precipice Trail is a steep almost 1,000 foot vertical climb up the eastern side of the exposed, bald faced Champlain Mountain.  We grabbed the iron rugs, ladders, and handrails holding on for our lives as we climbed the steep cliffs. I decided to lead the way up the boulders holding in the back of my mind the fear of Chris stumbling off the mountain. As I held on to the iron rungs and carefully placed my foot into the rungs on the ground, I wondered “what is keeping these pieces of metal that are supporting my weight from ripping out of the granite?” The intimidating path slowed down a couple of people in front of us, but we continued at a steady pace up the cliff. Once we scrambled to the top, we enjoyed beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean to the east and Cadillac and Dorr Mountains to the west.

After talking with a family, we learned that it was not recommended to go down the mountain the way we climbed up due to trail traffic.  We descended via the Champlain North Ridge Trail and Orange and Black Path back to the car, a much more gradual albeit longer trail than the way up.

We drove around the Mount Desert Island (Acadia) a bit more and then back to Bar Harbor for some local beer from Bar Harbor Brewing Co. and fresh caught haddock from Parsons Lobsters and Seafood Shop.  We hung our hammocks at Smugglers Den Campground and had homemade Down East Chowda.


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