Farms, Fairs & Libations in Maine

After spending our morning walking along the piers of Camden, ME and enjoying Cappy’s Chowder we decided it was time for a change of scenery.  So far during our trip through Maine we had spent our time exploring the islands and coastline it was a time to turn inland and our destinations were the Union Fair then a Distillery.


We decided to ride the Ferris Wheel and Tilt-A-Whirl before visiting the agricultural exhibits and see the animals.  After the fair we went to Sweetgrass Winery and Distillery were we sampled numerous wines, gins, brandy, and rum.  Picking one to buy was difficult, but we finally settled on Cranberry Gin!


Yearning for the sea, we headed back to the coastal town of Freeport; home of L.L. Bean and Recompence Shore Campground/Wolfe’s Neck Farm. We visited the 24hour flagship store of L.L. Bean to marvel at the 20 foot tall boot and endless buildings of stuff for sale!  At Recompence Shore Campground we slept soundly in our hammocks perched off a muddy bank and dry creek-bed.


In the morning decided to walk around and explore the farm on the shores of the Little River Inlet, we made our way into the wooded area behind where we slept, and discovered an abundance of veggie crops planted among the forest. After visiting with the goats, chickens, and Chris’s favorite baby camel, we headed back to the camping area to pack for our final day.


We left Wolfe’s Neck Farm headed for Portland for a very important stop at Allagash and for Maine oysters.  The brewery tour at Allagash was impressive and gave me a renewed appreciation for them.  Amanda fell in love with the Bourbon Barrel Black, which of course is draft only.  After our beers we headed to Portland for oysters at Eventide and to explore the city a little more since our last visit.

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