Promised Land State Park, PA

Chasing leaves…

We came to Promised Land State Park on a tip from a prior camping trip and caught the last of the leaves changing different shades of yellow, red, and orange. The trail snaked around Conservation Island, offering beautiful views of the lake while reflecting the changing beech, maple, hemlock, and oak trees off the surface.  We grabbed the last days of fall foliage for 2013.

The weather forecast called for rain and we had only brought our hammocks no tarps.  A last minute trip to a small hardware store yielded us a tarp big enough to setup just one hammock.  Some quick thinking and climbing up and down a picnic table resulted in hammock bunks!  Our hammocks were set on top of each other with myself on top closest to the tarp and Chris a bit more exposed on the bottom.  Quite the sight, luckily for us the park was barren this time of year.

The following morning wanting to avoid the possibility of rain showers we spent a few hours at Claws “N” Paws animal park.  Amanda fed a giraffe, we got to pet the goats, and had fun watching a chipmunk steal food from a porcupine. Lured in by ice carvings and the possibility of free wine we took a chance and stopped at Sculpted Ice Works.  The ice factory was cool – rimshot!  Chris said we should wander up the hill into a big red barn, it was there were we watched the making of the Guinness World Record for Fastest Time to Carve 60 Ice Sculptures.

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