Peters Mountain – Duncannon, PA

Our first group hike with my sister during Thanksgiving break was on the Appalachian Trail in Duncannon, PA. It was an easy hike despite veering off the trail and climbing some boulders.  Venturing back on the trail with the help of a seasoned AT hiker, we made it to the top of the ridge, which overlooks the valley of Dauphin. We could see the treetops around our childhood home from the top of the windy mountain ridge.  We made our journey down, crossing the train tracks that had a train waiting for it’s signal to move ahead, while making jokes about the conductor being Kristi’s ex-boyfriend.  We loaded into the car and headed home for Thanksgiving dinner.



  1. Amanda and Chris …Loved your blog…and name. We checked into this WordPress site…would like to do something this this. Any suggestions? I took some pictures for you and Chris today…you’re in our travels and sending positive energy for your adventures! Love you, Aunt Jane

    1. Thanks for reading our blog! Chris has been diligently working on this for almost a year, and it still isn’t finished. It is pretty labor intensive & he is a perfectionist. He recommends blogger, which is a free site and less of a hassle. Enjoy your adventures on the road, we can’t wait to join you! This last month has been a bit intense, I am sure you know from experience. xoxo Love, Amanda & Chris

  2. I’ll look at this when Thanksgiving comes this year:( It will not be the same for the holidays, but somehow we’ll manage♥

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