Apple Pie Hill Fire Tower, NJ

We took advantage of the beautiful day towards the end of a harsh winter and hiked the sandy BATONA Trail through the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. It was an easy and relaxing walk, even though the trail wasn’t marked clearly.  When we reached the top of Apple Pie Hill, and we found the resting place of old, unwanted televisions.  Apparently, people enjoy throwing the T.V.’s off the top of the old 60 foot fire tower.  We waited at the bottom, while a couple climbed down the tower shouting words of praise, and encouraging one another as they made their descend.  Then, we climbed the top of the fire tower and stood at the breezy top.  The clear panoramic views made it possible for us to see Atlantic City and Philadelphia on the horizon.  As we started the climb down, we discovered the perfect slogan “live your dreams…quit your job” the graffiti offered an inspirational message to the both of us.

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