Tibbet Knob, George Washington National Forest

After spending the previous day exploring Harpers Ferry and the surrounding area’s Civil War past, we checked into a B&B in Winchester, VA.  In a change of pace, we wanted to explore the small towns of Shenandoah Valley and hike in this portion of the Appalachian Mountain.  30 minutes down Route 11 we made to Strasburg. Route 11 in Strasburg turns right into the downtown.  We stopped for breakfast at Christina’s Cafe, drawn in by the artsy decor and enormous container garden.  Stomaches full we continued south on Route 11.140316_IMG_3111


We followed the yellow blazes on the lichen covered trees along the Tibbet Knob Trail.  It was a hazy afternoon on the peaceful trail the George Washington State Forest, but in the back of our minds we were apprehensive about the facts that we were possibly not going to make it to the nearest gas station.  While we were driving to the top of the mountain to Wolf Gap Recreation Area
parking area we realized that we were extremely low on gas, and we were unsure if we would make it down the mountain.  As we were hiking our way up to the top of the confusing summit, we joined a solo hiker and his rescue dog who was easily startled by loud noises.  Once we determined that we indeed reached the summit, we headed down to mountain while chatting with our fellow hiker.  We got to the parking lot and bid farewell;  only then did reality about the low gas situation set it.  As we were discussing our options, we discovered a work truck with jugs of potential gas in the back of it’s bed.  We debated the ethics in taking some gas, but ultimately we decided to just try and coast down the mountain to the nearest gas station.  We flew down the mountain intermittently turning the car on and off, and eventually reached a local gas station.

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