Proposed Route

Over the past year I have drawn about a million miles worth of lines on various maps both digital and paper. The evolution of our trip has been grandiose to say the least.

  • Originally starting in Morocco.
  • Then Maine.
  • Further east to Prince Edward Island/Nova Scotia.
  • Further still to Newfoundland.

Reality of shipping a bike hits us and we arrive at our current start point of…our front door.
US Map

The US map is approximately 13,000 miles (per Google Maps) and is more than a complete tour in its own right. HOWEVER, having fully been infected with the traveling bug and embracing the nomadic lifestyle I yearn to go further…
Europe Map

This trip is as much about meeting people as it is about biking, if we are coming through your area leave a comment and hopefully we can meet up!!


  1. I’m planning a similar route within a year from now. Basically I’m doing the western portion of your map starting and ending from Dallas/Fort Worth, TX. I’ll be keeping an eye on your blog.

  2. I envy you, Amanda; it’s something few can truly ever do. Do it not only for yourself, for all of us who can’t do what you’re doing!


    1. Thanks for your encouraging word Bill. Who knows, maybe one day the girls will be dragging you on an extreme adventure! Thanks for listening to my ramblings at the coffee shop! Keep in touch.

  3. Hello you fabulous bike tourists,
    A friend shared your blog with me after meeting you near the blue ridge parkway. I’m so very excited for you (and green with envy).
    My husband and I biked 6,000 miles over 6 months in 2007, camping and staying with friends. We started in San Diego in January, biked north into British Columbia, then south easterly across the states to Kansas City. I’m sorry we missed housing and feeding you when you were near us (Roanokeish). Write us if you want any specific details of our journey that might help you.
    Viva la tour!

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