Colonial For A Day

We woke up in our alcove expecting a few million spiders crawling on everything but were pleasantly surprise to be alone. Tent packed and bikes loaded we wheeled back to our picnic table from yesterday and cooked a great breakfast: one-eyed sailors, toast with jam, and coffee. Our first road breakfast.

Back onto the Colonial Parkway we pedaled the remaining miles to Williamsburg. We rolled into the welcome center and were shell shocked at the prices of the tickets, $41 per person. A free self-guided walk through the town would fine for us.

Lunch was at Chowings Tavern where we had 18th century style ales and a flat bread. Yay veggies! We walked and rode through the town, admiring the buildings and actors, we stopped for a bit at the jail and listened to the story of the creation of Colonial Williamsburg and the removal of the town that stood in its place.

Full of historical architecture and cobbled and dirt streets we made our way to the Post Office to pick up our general delivery mail. Paperwork taken care of we set off to find BOGO Haagen-Dazs ice cream. The weather has been a bit chilly for ice cream, but it is a staple of bike touring worldwide.

Through shopping centers and condo-complexes we finally found VA5000, a road with not only a bike lane, but the connector to the famed Virginia Capital Trail. It was only a few miles until we saw the signs for I-5 road adjacent to the bike path. I careened over the famous Virginia roadside ditch and my tires found the newly completed Capital Trail. Amanda of course took the more sensible asphalt path 20 feet to my right.

52 miles of car free biking!! The trail was opened not more than 2 weeks prior and from our first mile was a pleasure to ride on. We enjoyed the trail so much that we rode until 8pm. Sunset it at 6:30, just for perspective. The trail abutted on both sides by tree farms and thick woods, so camping on it is not an option currently. We made the decision to stop at the local church and inquire if we could camp there.  Pastor Steven gave us his blessing and permission to camp behind the church, and there we camped in the open air behind the church.

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  1. I can still remember our trip to Colonial Williamsburg when I was in high school with my parents! Did you park your bicycles at Campbell Tavern?♥♥

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