Farewell Friends and Family

Our last few days have been a whirlwind of packing, organizing, and running around on little sleep and maximum chaos. After Amanda’s final shift at Revolution Coffee, we hurried back to my dad’s house for our final bag pack and to transport our bike and gear to The Factory. I sped over to Budget to drop off the rental car, arriving 5 minutes before they closed **sigh of relief**. The rain stopped shortly after I handed the keys back to the rental agent, which helped ease the pressure of riding down a busy Route 70 at night.

Back at The Factory I met Amanda where we gave our food and drinks to Lindsay and rode together to Liz’s house for a farewell potluck. Thank everyone! We ate great food, drank local beer, and had a blast. Liz was amazing and let us stay at her house the night before our adventure began.

This morning we hopped on our bikes and rode back to Revolution Coffee for a caffeine injection and our send-off party. As everyone said “there are no goodbyes, just farewell for now.” We are overwhelmed by the amount of love and encourage we received. There is no way to put into words how we felt with all of you cheering us on as we left. Thank you a million times. Thanks again to Revolution for providing the location, the coffee, and the send-off song!
We didn’t have very far to go for our first stop. We rode a couple of blocks to say farewell to the amazing ladies at Constellation Collective and the guys from Revolution who were working the farmers market stand. Val, Lindsey, and Maura fed us with their always delicious made from scratch bagels and veggie cream cheese. We also walked over to Tortilla Press to order our first ever Matt Special, a breakfast sandwich with scrambled eggs, black beans, guacamole, and veggies (all of them). Before we left we promised Dave Kelly, the director of Collingswood Farmers Market, we would visit and document the various farmers markets we visit along our journey.

Our friends/family at the market sent us off with cheers and encouragement. We will truly miss ever single one of you. Much love and admiration from the both of us.

A quick stop back at Revolution to pick up a few things we forgot to grab and we were on our way… We were making progress when we crossed Cuthbert Blvd. and officially left town, we didn’t go far as we needed to mail some things at the UPS store, witness a notary, and graciously accept a $10 donations. Thanks!!

A few more miles down the road we ran into the Barrington Harvest Fest. This fest was by far the biggest we had seen in NJ. The vendors and food went on for what seemed like forever; we eventually went down a side street and walked our bikes around the festival. Pedaling down NJ-41 we rode into Deptford Mall traffic, not the experience we are looking for! Crossing over RT-42 the traffic died down and we eventually stumbled upon Timber Creek Park, where we had lunch and relaxed for a bit.

The suburban sprawl eventually gave way to rural Gloucester County and we found ourselves picking apples on the side of the road. Now even heavier than when we started we wobbled down Clayton roads to visit Mike Placko and his wife. We couldn’t stay long they were preparing a delicious smelling traditional German dinner for a family birthday dinner!

We set our sights on Parvin State Park, our final destination for today; we pedaled a few more hours reaching the park just at the sun set below the treeline. We stopped for a photo shoot and then pedaled our way into a available campsite.

A very fulfilling, emotional, fun-filled day. Thank you everyone for making us feel like rock stars for a day.


  1. Amanda and Chris, glad to see your progress on your journey and that the anxiety, planning, and toil you both labored through is all behind you now. I am sure I can say for most, is that we are all living vicariously through you as we ponder your voyage from the sidelines. May you always be safe and secure, know beauty, wonder, and true freedom in every pedal stroke and turn, and realize the gratification you desire and deserve.

    May peace be with you.


    1. Ken,
      It made us happy to begin this journey with the love, support, and smiling face of our friends and family. Thank you for letting me borrow that amazing book and for your thoughtful/generous card! I enjoyed talking with you at the coffee shop, please keep in touch. We left you a card at Revolution, next time you stop in ask someone to give it to you.

      Much love,
      Amanda and Chris

  2. Enjoyed all of the narration and photos that were not on fb:) Thanks for suggesting Find Friends app! Makes us feel like we are with you. Great start to your journey! Lots of love……………Dutchey is still looking for you two:)

    1. How observant you are….yep we will post more photos to the blog, than our fb page. 😉 We love you mom &dad & Dutchey too!

  3. Living vicariously through you both! Exciting adventures lie ahead. I’m glad I can be a part of them even so far away. Happy trails to you both!! Hugs & kisses all around ?

  4. Hi Amanda and Chris!
    This is Wendy and Ken, the couple in Haddonfield, where you kindly witnessed our signatures for the Notary!
    We have since moved to Charlotte, NC, and I just found the card you gave us and looked you up. So glad to see you made it to Washington, and I plan to use your posts to study America with my daughter! You have done a terrific job with them, and we will be continuing to follow you! From time to time we may send you a small donation to help you on your way…do you have a venmo account?
    Take care & God bless,

    1. Hello!! I hope the summer was fantastic for the two of you. We love NC, great choice! If you let us know what you in specific we could send photos or other info for your studies. We fell behind in Texas due to too much cycling and a lack of reliable internet, but will be catching up on the backlog in a few weeks. We do have both a PayPal and Venmo Account.

      Paypal is here: soupylife.com/send-love/
      Venmo search for: soupylife

      Keep in touch and enjoy the leaf change this fall in the Appalachians.

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