Farewell New Jersey

Our night in crazy town quieted down a few hours before dawn, allowing us to catch a few hours of sleep. We woke up shortly after 7, quickly packed up our sleeping bag and hammock and set off in the chilly morning.

Our ride transitioned from rural southern New Jersey Pine Barrens into a marshy coastal landscape of nature preserves and wildlife refuges. We made a stop at the Cape May Bird Observatory, the center was not technically open to the public but the kind staff lady said we could use the facility and look around the grounds for any birds. We saw some of our usual friends the Cardinal and Titmouse; the unexpected sight was the first of many Monarchs.

As we pedaled along the coast, the smell of the salt water wafted in from the Delaware Bay. On a tip from our friends back home we continued past the signs for the Cape May Lewes Ferry and headed toward Cape May Point, over the Seashore Rd. bridge. We made a quick stop at Rea Farm Market for some bread and Dilly Tomatoes, then continued to The Red Store for breakfast.

The Red Store is a farm-to-table restaurant set in the old Cape May Point General Store. We shared a bread basket, huevos rancheros, and the Latino. Everything was amazing, down to the coffee thy brought down from Brooklyn! After we finished eating we went to take pictures and caught more Monarchs in front of a church.

We were starting to run out of time so we hurried over to take an obligatory picture in front of the light house and the beach and made a dash to the Ferry. Speeding into the ferry parking lot and nearly running up to the counter to buy tickets I quickly learned we had an hour until the next ferry. Oops!

While buying the ferry tickets I got on the topic of our overloaded bikes with the ticket sales woman. She too is starting to get the itch of leaving the hustle and bustle of the “give-me-more” lifestyle behind. While I swapped stories with the ticket sales woman, Amanda was talking to an adventurer from Bangladesh!


After spending some time working in the lounge, we boarded our ferry and said goodbye to our first state! The ferry ride was speedy and relaxing, our booth was completely full of panniers and the single wall outlet looked like a rat’s nest with wires charging every device! An hour and a half later we dis-embarked and captured our first welcome sign selfie.

The sky was nearly black when we finally setup our tent in Cape Henelopen State Park. The park was abandoned with the exception with the exception of us and 5 or 6 other campers. Amanda went to bed while I keyed a few more entries into the blog.



  1. Love all of the pics! The church reminds me of the one I was married in. At least a little on the inside how the ceiling is shaped like a boat:)Lots of love…………….♥♥

  2. This is a lot of fun following you guys. The more I read of your adventure I am getting the urge to sleep outside tonight. Will let you know how that goes. Have fun, will do lunch.

    1. Thanks for following along Michelle! xoxo Amanda
      We made some adjustments to the blog reply system, so I’m finally getting around to replying.

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