Final Hours!

As of this week we both clocking our final hours of our current jobs and are heading south to start our 8 month journey around the US by bicycle (and possibly further).  We will carry all of our possessions in our panniers (saddlebags) and will make our way one pedal stroke at a time; first heading south to avoid the winter cold.  We are both firm believers in the motto “Pursue what makes you happy”; there will never be a better time than the present.

We are documenting our experiences on this blog as a way to record and share our memories.  The website is a never-ending work in progress so please feel free to read at your leisure.  We will be updating it when possible with pictures, writing, and possibly video.

If you are unable to attend our goodbye gathering please feel free to reach out to us below

We look forward to seeing you and don’t forget to live YOUR life!

Four good nights and a wake up.  120 hours and counting.  “Are you ready?”


The innumerable number of lists have all been checked off.  The bikes need just a few last tweaks.  The bags are ready to be packed and we are ready to ride.

11222939_1225319380827530_850513453190449436_oWe have been planning this trip privately for over a year now and the route is born out of those conversations.  Now we are ready to open our plans up to the world and the route we planned is just a rough guide to the places we want to see.  This trip is about seeing people as much as it is about seeing the small towns and national monuments.  Please feel free to look at our planned route and let us know if we will be passing by, we wouldn’t hesitate to change our plans to meet you for a coffee, beer, or chocolate chip cookies!

I expanded more on the reasons behind this trip in another post:  The Why?

And our motivations and feeling have been captured by the incredibly talented Matt Skoufalos at NJ Pen:  Chris & Amanda’s Excellent Adventure

nj penWe will be updating the site as regularly as possible, we are going to be riding through rural Appalachia for a while so if you don’t see any news please feel free to reach out to us a hello AT (soupylife) DOT com.  In keeping with my D.I.Y. approach to everything this site was built from scratch and definitely has bugs that need to be worked out.  Please let me know if something doesn’t work.


  1. Well, I guess your heading south. We expect to keep track of your adventure.
    Can’t wait to see your progress. Be Safe

  2. Have a great journey, expect nothing and you will have everything you’ll need. The first pedal strokes are so exciting, and it keeps getting better and better. I am excited for you both thinking of all the friendships you’ll be forging and adventures you’ll be having. Good luck and follow that inner map of your heart and you’ll never get lost. Peace, Joe

    1. The journey has been amazing thus far! Thanks for writing your book, we realize the commitment it takes to log your thoughts and experiences, while enjoying the adventure on the road. Our trip has been full of amazing twists and turns and we have met some inspiring people that have encouraged us to travel abroad. I realized that I have fallen in love with bike touring and I am glad that I get to experience this “alternative” lifestyle. Thanks for your thoughtful words and inspiration, Amanda

      1. The rain is going to clear up overnight and I will take an early morning ride to Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s to see what can be found!!

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