Plantation Exploration

We woke up before the sun, but decided it wasn’t worth getting up yet. Our sleeping bags and every other surface had become covered in a heavy layer of dew. We learned first hand that the warm fall days and cool nights come with a unique set of challenges.


The sun finally rose above the treeline and was fiercely intense, we got out of our bags and started the process of drying them in the sun. Dressed, packed and all but ready to go the sleeping bags made their way to the swing set where they were continually rotated to dry out the last remaining wet spots. Thank goodness it was sunny.

We got back on the <<Capital Trail>> at 10, an hour or two after we had intended, and didnt make it 3 miles before we were stopped by two men riding in the opposite direction. A journalist and racer started chatting with us about our bicycle touring plan, the newly completed Virginia Capital Trail, bike shop recommendations, and all matter of topics. Maybe we will make it into the Richmond Free Press!

Back in the saddle we made our first stop at the Berkley Plantation for an extended lunch. We made rice and tomatoes along with coffee to the roar of our MSR stove. We talked to a family from southern Utah who gave the red rocks much praise, a pair of sisters and their daughters who shared a recipe with Amanda, the grounds keepers, and Lucy the ‘guard dog’.

3 o’clock had arrived quickly and we did not think we would make it to Richmond today. We were certain we weren’t going to make it to any bike shops for a pre-mountain tuneup. We investigate a potential stealth camping park called Deep Bottom Park, but it was only a boat launch. On the way back to the bike path we ran into a nice gentleman who wanted to take our picture to send to his niece an avid biker in Harrisonburg. It was nice chatting with you Paul!

We kept riding west toward Richmond with the density increasing and an interstate running next to the bike path it was decided we wouldn’t be camping tonight. A quick phone call to our 5th potential warm showers host and David answered the phone. Explaining our situation and the setting sun we got an invite to camp in his yard! We made it to Richmond after all.


  1. OK, you were testing me to see if I read every post. After reading this, I found out the answer to where you had a hot shower:) You two looked so cute and rested in your pic at the restaurant! Nice texting today with you and I had fun stalking too♥

  2. Hi Amanda & Chris –
    The frog is sooo cute….you guys look cute too 🙂 So far, the adventure looks awesome!!! Glad to hear/see that you guys are (safe)happy & healthy! Keep on explorin on 🙂 xo Katie

    1. Thanks for following our adventure! Yea, the frog was hiding in the fold of my bike bag in the morning, he was ready for a ride. We are headed out of Richmond V.A. soon, it’s a pretty cool city with friendly people, so we were taking a bit of a break there. xoxox Amanda….I hope our legs are ready for the mountains!

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