Rest Days in OCMD

Arriving at Kristi’s house in West Ocean City we knew we would spend a few days organizing and taking care of the paperwork needed for our new lifestyle. We woke up from our first night in a real bed and emptied every one of the million bags and rethought what we would really need and how to best organize the chaos that we had been dealing with.

Amanda wanted to get some seafood from our trusted source of fresh caught fish in OCMD, Martin’s. We picked up an entire rock fish and made an impulse decision to eat at the outside dinning area. Convinced by the low prices, we were not expecting the absolute incredible quality and flavor of the fish tacos we had. By far the best in Ocean City. Sorry Fish Tails.

We also made our way over to Berlin Organics to visit the goats and see what organic, local veggies they had this late in the season. Always wanting one more picture, Amanda walked over to the feisty goat “Oreo” and almost lost her eye when he tried to headbutt her.


The next few days were a mix of Netflix, blogging, and culling stuff from our weighty bags. After mailing some things to my sister in Florida we finally were able to discard the goofy box that I had been hauling. Hooray!!  A lighter load was reward enough, but the some chocolate was also called for.

Mail taken care of we head back to the house to cook the enormous fish we picked up the day prior.  Amanda’s cooking skill still amaze me everyday.  Pictures will never suffice.


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