Soy, Trains, & Church Camping

Waking up to the sun streaming through the window in our first Warm Showers hosts house was a delightful change of pace from the familiarity of our tent. Upon waking up we jumped at the opportunity to take a warm shower. Refreshed from the shower Thomas informed us that breakfast was going to get cold. Thank you for the incredible hospitality! Eggs from his own roaming chickens, toast and sausage were on the menu.


Well fed, I swapped me finicky chain back to the original to solve an odd pedal vibration. We will need to visit a bike shop as soon as we can find one. Bikes maintained and bags packed we said our goodbyes, took a group photo and pedaled off. No more than 5 minutes down the road we knew we were in Virginia not by the welcome sign, but the immediate lack of shoulders Thomas warned us about.


We continued on our path down back country roads, avoiding Route 13 as much as possible. One wrong turn down a dead end farm road had us a few hundred yards from the Atlantic Ocean and 2 miles from Wallops Island, home of NASA’s flight facility. Back on the right course we made it 18 miles before being forced onto the dreaded and busy Route 13.


A impulsive turn took us to Parksley, a small eastern shore town, where we made some Revolution Coffee (still fueling the trip guys!! Thanks!!), ate lunch, and explored a train museum. The decline of rail in the US is a tragic story and one Amtrak continues to write.

Caffeinated and full of pasta, we rode past an active soybean granary loading trucks to grow more CAFO chickens. Bleh!

We soon found ourselves in Onley chomping on fries and watching the sun begin its nightly descent at the end of the day. Scoping out potential camping sites we investigated a high school sports field, however a Halloween event made that decision an easy one. Just down the road we found our temporary home behind a hedgerow at a church playground.  As the temperature dropped, Amanda went to bed early and I worked into the darkness lighted by the glow of the laptop.


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