Vegan Chili & Chilly Nights

We woke up to our after our first night on the road well rested and a little damp from the morning dew.  The air was brisk it took a bit of jumping around to get the blood flowing.  We finally got ourselves focused and awake and made the breakfast of bicycle touring champions; warm apple cider and rice and sardines.  While we packed up the solar panel charged up it’s first batch of electronics.

We biked east from Parvin State Park into Cumberland County, eventually pedaling into downtown Millville where we decided to explore a bit.  I thought there was glassblowing and other glass related sights, hence the name Glasstown; we could not make sense of the tourist info map and gave up and instead ate a bowl of vegan chili at Wildflower Earthly Vegan Fare. (Side note:  the glassblowing is at Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center.)

Full of good for us and good for the earth food we pedaled further east through South Jersey into Cape May County, specifically Woodbine, NJ.  We were looking for chocolate or ice cream, but instead found a town with good pizza, no grocery store, a metal hospital (“developmental center”) and some late night rowdiness.

We decided that we would not pay the $25 dollars to camp in Belleplain State Forest with its 190 sites set too closely together.  We instead made the decision to stealth camp in that unnamed park next to Sopranos Pizza.  Two bodies huddled together sharing a single hammock and sleeping bag.  That night it dropped to 47F, but that was hardly a concern.  The spot we picked was technically illegal, but that too was hardly a concern.  We became concerned when the thug rap started and a bit later when the deranged man started yelling and hitting things.

Camping in neighborhoods is not for the faint of heart.


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