Warmshowers in Virginia Beach

We woke up to an autumn chill in the air, Amanda quickly made her way to the heated bathrooms while I packed up our sleeping bags and ground tarp. We shuffled our bikes into the restrooms so we could wait in the clean heated space. We charged our various electronics and kept track of the time, we had a 9am shuttle across the Bay Bridge Tunnel to catch.

The shuttle was quick and easy, however a bit chaotic and most likely bent my rear derailleur from piling the bikes on top of cones and other stuff in the mostly full truck. We unloaded and rode the mile to our Nick and Margaret’s house, our warm showers hosts for tonight.

We met Nick at the door and immediately proceeded to clutter up the garage and then the bedroom with our parade of bags and possessions. He gave us the tour of their beautiful house and informed us we where having a homemade (read: from scratch) Indian dish, chicken and spinach curry with poppadoms.

Nick is from North Ireland and was explaining to us that the prominence of Chinese and pizza eateries in the US is dwarfed by the numerous Indian curry houses in the UK. The colonial history of the UK, Pakistan and India lead to a large migration of ethic groups to the UK and with them came amazing food, which he misses dearly.

We had a few errands to run and being in an urban center was a great opportunity to complete them. My pre-trip selection of clothing was being stretched by the cold snap we experienced on the Eastern Shore and will probably be useless in the Appalachian Mountains so I was looking to add another layer of fleece insulation.

Charging our electronics has become more organized, however I would love to find a dual USB wall charger than can output 3A, to charge the laptop. I think this is a futile endeavor,  Amazon can’t even give me one. Two new 40 oz water bottles, a fleece, and a bottle of wine later we were on our way back to our hosts home, hopefully not late for dinner.

Shortly after we arrive and got comfortable Nick arrived back home from picking up Margaret, a part time archive librarian. We spoke about a little of everything over our amazing dinner. Our hosts dream of someday travelling the world by container ship!

We retired to the family room to discuss Nicks work writing about WWI, international diplomacy, our future plans and aspirations, their family traditions such as ‘icky food night’ and using eBay as a learning tool. This is definitely one of the most fun houses in the neighborhood! Our latest night yet, 11pm came quickly and we scurried off to bed, while our hosts enjoyed a bit of alone time.



  1. Goodness, it’s 15 months since you stayed and we have just seen this! We just received your postcard from somewhere in the US – Seattle? – before you head off to SE Asia. Well, have fun & may the breeze follow you.
    Nick & Maggie

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