Farewell Floyd

Today we found ourselves waking up inside our first RV of the trip. A small but spacious camper trailer. It made a bit more real the option of living in one for a short time. However we will need to be a bit more careful in the tiny space, as shortly after waking up our powdered milk bag melted on the electric stove. A bit of drama and some time later the stove was cleaned and our food bag a bit lighter. After taking a moment to enjoy Vera’s great view we rode down the highway to the Blue Ridge Yurt rental and building sales office. We had hoped to see inside of one of their yurts, but the unit was occupied. Maybe another day.

Amanda wanted to visit Riverstone Farm to pick up some produce and see the operation. Back onto the saddles we rode North-East to the farm. The roads started to sound familiar and I realized we were heading back in the direction of Dwayne’s house. Finally turning off of Franklin Pike, we arrived at the farm.

Kat rode up as we parked the bikes by the little retail store, she greeted us and we talked about the farms concentration in wholesale produce and the possibility of internships with her. She wished us well and sped off on her farm 4-wheeler. Inside the farm store we were blown away by the scale and variety of food available. The little cottage had a bit of everything from various farms in the area, including kombucha, cider, all matter of meat and produce, chocolate, and fermented stuffs.

Panniers stocked we headed back south towards Floyd making a quick stop at the Springhouse School to say goodbye to the Jenny. Back into downtown Floyd we had one final stop before we could leave. Grateful Bread. We had seen the bakery a few days ago when it was closed and had heard people raving about it so we needed to pick up some bread and cinnamon rolls.

Sugared up and ready to go we passed through the only traffic light in the town for the thousandth time, this time turning the only way we hadn’t gone. South on Rt-221. Less than a half-mile later we were outside of the town and headed for our next destination. Maybe it was the non-existent shoulder, the few days off, or the endless hills, most likely a combination of the three but we saw our stopping point at 4pm when we rode up to a quiet church with a covered overhang.

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