Magic in the General Store

We woke up to the sound of horses whinnying and over 100 acres of calm relaxing farmland to ourselves. Dwayne and his wife took two of their horses to a fundraiser early in the morning leaving us alone to shower (again!) cook breakfast and slowly make our way back to our full time activity – biking.

We followed Dwayne’s advice to check out a monastery on the parkway before making our way to Floyd. We have been hearing about this mysterious little town since at least Lexington; possibly Richmond. There must be something worth checking out. I had looked at the elevation profile of today’s ride and knew we would not be too thrilled about the roller coaster style up and downs, about halfway through the day I told both myself and Amanda a little lie, that the ride was all downhill.

This was lie was quickly revealed and we resorted to distracting ourselves by looking at the various parcels of land for sale and trying to guess how much, if we could afford it, and why all of them were being sold by was sold by Linda. Eventually we found Shooting Creek Road and pulled off the Parkway destined for the town of Floyd.

We quickly came to a crossroads where the GPS said to turn immediately off Shooting Creek onto a smaller but steeper road. After some deliberation we took the smaller road, hoping for less cars but regretting the hill immediately. Grinding up the hill a lady gets out of her truck to get the mail and calls out “You must be in a awful low gear!”.


An hour or two later we are still talking to Jane Cundiff about her experience as an international teacher, the environment, the never ending battle with the pipelines in VA, and Floyd in general. We didn’t know it yet, but we had just fallen face first into “Floyd magic”. After wrapping up our conversation with a recommendation for the General Store and directions to the town we set off up a dirt road.


The road eventually regained its paved status and wound its way past dozens of farms arriving into the heart of downtown Floyd. We found our way to the country store, where we locked our bikes in typical fashion always worrying about our ‘stuff’. Inside we found a bustling store with people and staff moving in every direction. Gypsy soup with a biscuit, black bean chili and cornbread, mac and cheese, peanut butter pie, and pumpkin cheesecake. That was lunch and dinner.


Every bit of food amazing and we were in heaven with the courteous service and polite smiling faces. Amanda stopped one of the cafe workers to inquire about camping and the “Floyd magic” happened yet again. What started off as a simple inquiry turned into us locking our bikes in the storage room of the Country Store and riding with Andy and Jenny to their farm to spend the night with them. Amanda rode with Jenny and myself with Andy, we learned about their travels from Colorado Springs to Floyd where they were met with the same reception we were and quickly decided to call this small town home.

The following morning Andy made us breakfast and we rode with Jenny to the Springboard Community School to speak to the students about our travels and the importance of perusing your dreams. Jenny drove us back into town where we explored every inch; enjoyed many cups of coffee in the Black Water Loft, walked to Harvest Moon Food Market, talking to Jason from Chantilly Farms about moving here. At Jason’s insistence we walked to the visitors center and found ourselves invited to spend the night with Vera in her spare camper, maybe there is something magic in Floyd.

After pizza and some beers at Dogtown Roadhouse, we finally collected our bikes and rode the short distance to Vera’s cottage where we cozied up in the camper. All the while discussing the practicalities of actually living here, living in a camper, building a house…oh Floyd you stole our hearts!


  1. This a great story. I love hearing about the unique people you meet with their own cool stories. Life is such an amazing journey. I’ll come visit when you decide you call a place home!!! Happy new year!!!

    1. Thanks for following along Michelle! You would love this town as well! We are grateful that we have met a bunch of warm, welcoming people along our journey, and have seen some beautiful scenery. Yes, of course you will visit our homestead! 😉 Love, Amanda

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