Thanksgiving With Friends

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays due to the abundance of food, friends, and family For a few weeks we had been struggling to make some sort of plans for a Thanksgiving dinner; we thought about buying food to cook in our temporary house or maybe going to a dinner at the community center. Like many things on this trip the answer to our dilemma came one day when Ann invited us to dinner at her house!

Leading up to Thanksgiving the loading schedule was empty holding the promise of a day off; however a several day long cold, November rain messed up the inventories and suddenly semi’s were scheduled for Thanksgiving morning. Like each and every morning, we woke before the sun and started working under the light of the rising sun and diesel powered flood lights. Checking in with the office we were thrilled to hear that only 3 semi’s were scheduled. Ann told John and Cero about the dinner plans and thanks to a bit of hustling and good office management we were finished work by 2pm!!

Amanda, being able to slip away from work a bit easier, was already cleaned up and waiting when I met her back at the office. Amanda, Leslie, and myself all piled into Ann’s Subaru at off we went. It was bizarre to leave work in the afternoon. Ann told us that she had an amazing view from her house as we wound up the mountain roads to get there. Leslie remarked about the steep valleys and lack of guard rails; while we thought the ride was quick and scenic.


Inside the house Mark, Ann’s husband, was putting the finishing touches on dinner; it needed to be early as Mark was had to work at 6pm. Over turkey and the fixin’s we talked about a bit of everything, finally able to relax and enjoy the moment. We ate and drank until we were beyond full, our new favorite side dish/dessert is sweet potato casserole.

Sitting on their ski lift deck swing, we enjoyed the amazing view of the sun setting beyond the valley. After dark we were amused by Leslie trying tirelessly to get the dogs to perform tricks and obey commands. They would follow her lead for a minute and then get distracted and start playing with each other. Diesel did perform his room filling roll over trick, quite impressive for a dog his size!

The hour was getting late and we still needed to run one final errand. Ann packed us two platters for lunch and an extra plate for John. We all piled back in the car to head back to the farm a little heavier and even happier than when we left this afternoon. Our final stop was to John’s house to bring him a plate of Thanksgiving food. The rest of the Chefas family was far away and believing that no one should spend the holiday alone we spent some time with John, touring his beautifully restored farm-house and listening to stories of his baseball filled youth and time spent raising his family.

Ann dropped all of us off at our houses and headed home. It was a fantastic way to spend our Thanksgiving and it was great to see John relaxed and smiling telling his stories. Although we did not get to spend it with our families, time spent with friends is just as precious.


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