Sandy Roads to Christmas Blessings

Soaked from the morning dew we spent several hours drying all of our gear in the sunlight. Finally packed and on the road we ran into endless sandy roads and farms, neither our GPS nor our phone could navigate us out of the sandy prison we found ourselves in. Eventually fed up with the soft road we picked a direction and pedaled down the pavement-less road until we found asphalt.

During our back road biking we ran across Paul, a fellow cyclist who was scouting trails for a fat tire sand ride he was planning. He snapped some photos of us riding and was kind enough to send them to us. Action photos are pain to take so we appreciated our personal photographer for a moment. Shortly after our paparazzi session we crossed the 100 miles to Charleston point in our ride to the coast.

The sun was setting on us and we were far from our goal of the eastern limits of Orangeburg. We resigned that we would stop early and ride even more miles tomorrow. Luck would have it that we stopped beside a church a convenient place to free-camp. Walking around the building looking for someone to ask permission we were intercepted in the parking lot by a kind gentleman who offered to drive us to a better camping spot. Leary of the location of this “better spot”, but limited on options we loaded the bikes on his trailer and got in the truck.

During the drive our road angle recounted his former life full of bad decisions and how he had found a purpose in the church and was living a much better life. He expressed his desire to one day see the country from the seat of a bicycle and how we were an inspiration to him. He dropped us off at the Edisto Memorial Gardens and pointed us in the direction of a dark corner we could spend the night. Our road angle saved us several miles of urban riding, provided us with a safe camp site, and dropped us off next to the Orangeburg City Christmas Light display! Thank you, god bless.

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