Asheville To Black Mountain

Over breakfast Jessica reached out to a friend and fellow weaver in Black Mountain setting us up with a safe place to pitch our tent. During the never fun process of packing the panniers and loading the bikes up Jessica offered to drive us into Asheville, sparing us the ride through the suburban sprawl. Gracious for a ride and avoiding the craziness that is the buffer between urban and rural we quickly loaded the bikes and piled in the truck.


Twenty-five miles later we were unloading the bikes a few blocks from Downtown. Thanks Jessica & Daniel!!  We heeded Jessica’s tip and stopped at Tod’s Tasties for a breakfast biscuit.

Walking our bikes through the streets we recalled many of the places we had seen on our first visit to the city. Unable to secure our possessions properly we weren’t able to stop at many places. We did make time to stop for a pastry at Old Europe and some tacos at White Duck Taco.

Satisfied with our wanderings through Asheville we made our way south to the Biltmore Estate. Our friends Ann & Marc recommended seeing the lighted displays and decorated house if possible. Once there however we ran into the same issues as in Williamsburg, the price of admission and inability to lock the bikes dissuaded us from entering. Enticed by a sign claiming “Free Wine Tastings” we thoroughly explored the giftshop! Full of free wine samples and pretzels we pedaled quickly through the highly commerciallized Biltmore Village making our way to NC-74, towards Black Mountain.

With no shoulder and too many cars we put as many miles behind us as quickly as possible, stopping only to use the restroom and check the map. Inside the city limits of Black Mountain we remembered a tip Jessica gave us to stop at Hopey & Co. for discounted organic food. Amanda was in heaven shopping all the deals on “expired” and overstock food items to refill our pantry pannier. Our shopping trip took a bit longer than expected once we found the Friday night wine and cheese sampling table. More free wine samples!!

Tail lights blinking we rode the last 4 miles to our hosts house under the cover of dusk. We arrive minutes before Eileen and introduced ourselves thanking her for allowing us to spend the night in the safety of her yard. Bike stashed we setoff to have a beer at Lookout Brewing; we explored the other watering holes, but the crowd was not our style. We should have stayed at Lookout for some of the best stout we have ever had, but lesson learned… We ended the night with a pizza from Fresh, before walking back to our tent in Eileen’s backyard.



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