Fiesta & A Haircut

December quickly arrived and brought with it a never ending amount of rain and subsequently mud. The day seemed to crawl along as were ran around crazy trying to find trees that did not exist to fill orders that were getting bigger by the day. Both ourselves and the laborers were both tired and sore in places we never knew we had; Aleve was back as a regular part of daily life. Our loading times had increased dramatically from 2 hours to over 7 hours for some orders.

As the day wound down and what seemed like our hundredth truck and millionth tree was being loaded, Amanda runs by advising me that it was 5:30 and she was going to buy beer at the State Line Store.  Today was a mere two days before we were scheduled to leave and continue our bike adventure and we were going to celebrate!

The promise of beer quickened the pace of the final truck and by 6:30 we were walking up the road to the Mexican house to hang out with our friends. Arriving to find a partial case of Modelo Especial already gone we were quickly in the car headed to the gas station in West Jefferson to buy 3 more cases of Modelo. Back in the house we chatted about everything from immigration and migrant labor to their families back home and our plans to travel on bike.


After many, many Modelo Amanda and Jamie wouldn’t stop giggling at the thought of me getting a haircut. So in an attempt to amuse the peanut gallery I agreed to let Jamie and Bernabe cut my hair and shave my beard. They also decided to take a few swipes and shave random patches of my chest hair. We left that night full of homemade tortillas and Modelo; I left with much less hair than I arrived with.

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