Fort Myers with Nicole & Sean

We spent two weeks in Ft. Myers with my sister, Nicole; and her fiance, Sean. To attempt to recap and put into words the hours of laughter, partying, and otherwise debauchery will be a monumental challenge (thanks to the alcohol) so here goes:

Having arrived at night we sipped on some beers and ate some good with Nicole’s fiance, Sean, at her restaurant, we hung out for a while while Nicole polished bottles and shined up the restaurant. Eventually too tired to stay we headed home and crashed in the bed that would be our new home.


Nicole and Sean’s work schedules were extremely loaded due the upcoming holidays leaving Amanda and I alone in the house with Hunter, the dog, and far too many cable channels. It did not take long for us to find HGTV with the ridiculous remodeling shows or Discovery’s plethora of Alaskan based reality shows. Several hours of mindless TV later Nicole woke up (she works really, really late) and we all went for a drive around the town ending at Iguana Mia for $1 Margaritas. This was a potentially dangerous place as the three of us loved tequila, especially margaritas!

Sean was waiting back at their house were we gathered around the table laughing and decorating the Christmas tree. Well after our normal bedtime, Nicole’s friend joined the party and with some encouragement the five of us moved the party a local dive bar for by 2 get 1 free drinks, drunken pool games, and the crescendo of a bar argument over nothing at all

Punishment for our night owl activities and more than usual alcohol was several days out of commission with Amanda sleeping for 24 hours straight and myself making a curry that took 5 times longer than scheduled. The middle and end of the weeks were both Nicole and Sean’s busiest time at work. While they slaved away Amanda and I resorted to cable programming. Out of the haze of exhaustion we did manage to walk to the flea market, however that didn’t end as planned with a taxi ride home and a doctors visit a few days later.

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