One Last Day of Chaos & Segundo Fiesta

Vaulting out of bed at 8:45am was not the original plan for today, neither was working. We originally planned on packing and cleaning the house today and setting off on the bikes tomorrow morning. The room we were sleeping in was located directly above the field office and we could hear the chaos that was developing outside.

When I finally stumbled outside, hungover from the prior nights celebrations, chaos consumed the loading yard. The skies were open yet again for the third day in a row, creating mud that was 6+ inches deep in the loading yard and deeper in the fields. The endless supply of mud in the fields rendered the harvesting tractors useless; completely drained the inventory of the loading yard. To add more complications Cero had a doctors appointment to address his injured leg, leaving the loading yard with no direction or leadership.

In three weeks of work on the farm, despite the complications and inventory management issues of a live, short season product we hadn’t ever loaded a semi by hand. Hay bale elevators are used to move the trees from ground level up to shoulder height in the semi, 10 feet above. Because these tool are so vital to the efficiency of the operation there were 4 of them with 6 engines to drive them. At 9am, every elevator was out of service.

Eventually normal started to infuse back into the farm. We got one of the elevators back in service and were loading 2 trucks simultaneously. Amanda was tasked with cleaning the house for Cero and his wife to move in when we left and after lunch she showed them the layout of the house. After the house tour Cero helped manage the loading operation and we finished the day a bit muddier than when we started.20151202_IMG_6632_blog

Showered and cleaned up we messaged Salvador on Facebook to find out if he wanted to hang out tonight. They guys in one of the other houses invited us to a second goodbye celebration and before we knew it we were all driving back to the corner gas station to pick up 5 more cases of Modelo Especial. Sounds familiar

This house was much nicer and more spacious than the other one we were at last night. There still seems to be far too many people in the small spaces. However, we all had a great time watching Mexican music videos, eating snacks and drinking lots and lots of Modelo. Raul even woke up and joined the party for the remainder of the night!


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