Pushing Down The SC Peidmont

Arriving at dusk we didn’t get to see the impressive-ness that is Jerry & Jill’s geodesic dome style house. The inside was full of large open spaces accompanied by small comfortable nooks. Thanks again for hosting us Jerry & Jill!

Today was another day grinding day, sore from the previous almost miles we rode a slower pace through South Carolina Piedmont. Loosely following I-26, we took the more southern rural roads as we deliberately wanted to avoid the traffic of Columbia.

Outside of Batesburg-Leesville we were unable to keep pushing; we had ridden 57 miles ending at a church outside of town. Behind the church we discovered a spring house and were delighted to have clean running water at our disposal! We cooked and cooked, refueling our bodies and testing out the various stove concepts we had acquired from Amanda’s second cousins.

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