Rain Ride Rescued By Charleston Cousins

Waking under behind a municipal park under the cover of Spanish Moss was the conclusion of a heated argument on where to sleep. The miles and long days had worn us both to the breaking point and we took it out on each other. Not wanting to do much more we were required to pack the tent and get back on the saddle. Waffle House is a Southern staple and was our first stop of the day. Many eggs, potatoes, and coffees later we were in a better mood and ready to ride again.

Our well laid plans of taking advantage of the flatter coastal plains to make it to Charleston started to fall apart as the skies opened up in a never ending off and on again rain session. As we approached the city the drivers got more and more aggressive to the point of road raging. The road narrowed to nothing more than two car widths. After 75 miles of riding we called it quits and stopped a Bi-Lo a mere 10 miles from our destination.

By yet another stroke of luck, my cousin, Melissa had the truck and quickly picked us driving us to the safety and warmth of their beautiful house. We were greeted with the warmth only a families love can provide and the smile and tongues from Mac & Lily. Jeff, Melissa’s husband, was putting the finished touches on a gourmet dinner while their son, Anden entertained us with his engineering projects (most involving projectiles).

Midway through dinner Allison, my other cousin; Riley, her daughter; and Kailyn, Melissa & Jeff’s daughter, arrived. It was wonderful to finally reach our destination and to be in the warm embrace of family we hadn’t seen in far too long.

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