Riding Towards The Mountains; Riding To Family

Waking up in a plush comfortable bed is always a nice treat; waking up at our friends Marc & Ann Kitt’s house was extra special. The decision was made to have breakfast at a small eatery in town; from there we could pick up our bikes from the police station and head toward Boone. After breakfast we gathered our possessions and said our goodbyes for second time.

Our food pannier was rather low and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to pick up some local, healthy groceries from Rose Mountain Butcher Shop. We parked our bikes outside and filled our bag with greens, eggs, whole grain goodies and whatever else we could reasonable take on bikes. Ann Rose sent us off with a dozen hard-boiled duck eggs, a compact protein snack for the road.

We followed the valley south on US-221, winding between the mountains and hillsides. Cars zoomed by us as we rode on the shoulder hoping for smaller and better biking roads. Our hopes and prayers went unanswered as we turned off US-221 onto the bigger, faster, and under construction…US-421! Looking back US-221 and the Blue Ridge Parkway were as close as 100 years away. Bad planning.

The miles ticked by and the sun started its daily plunge below the horizon. As we rode closer to Boone the temperature dropped significantly; the setting sun and much higher elevation only made us colder. Eventually we stopped and Amanda called her cousin Steven who lived nearby to ask for a ride. Amanda reconnected with Steven thanks to her Aunt and their adventures in their motorhome. He invited us to stay with him in his mountain top home.

Bikes and bags loaded in the pickup truck all three of us rode over to the local barbecue and Mexican hole in the wall for dinner and a snack for the dog. Three plates of barbecue later we all were a bit sleepy and happily full. The drive Steven’s house started as a hilly windy drive and ended with a mile climb up the mountain passable only with his truck in 4-wheel drive. We were glad we called him when we did, for catching up with a lost relative, and having a chance to call his piece of paradise home for the night.


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