Welcome To South Carolina!

After a night of partying with our new friend Amber, 6am came quickly. Amber needed to leave for work which meant hitting the road much earlier than normal. Sleeping indoors last night we were able to avoid the rain, however there would be no avoiding the rain today while riding. Within an hour of riding we crossed the state line into South Carolina, we took a very complicated rainy state line selfie and Amanda (not yet caffeinated) reveled in the rain.

The past 15 miles of cycling uphill we have been working toward reaching the top of Caesars Head State Park. The outcrop of granite juts out over a more than thousand foot drop off. The fog was far too dense for us to see the views, however we could see, hear, and feel the wind roaring up the vertical mountain walls.

The payoff for climbing 15 miles uphill on the North Carolina side, was a bone chilling 17 mile coast down 2200 feet of vertical descend called “the wall”. Four hours after we started we finally reached the town of Travellers Rest and the Northwest Grill. The grill master and owner John was tickled by our story and sent us off with a free meal, Tastykakes, gumballs, and a beaming smile. He also told us about the Swamp Rabbit Trail connecting Travellers Rest to Greenville. Thanks John!

Destine to visit my family in Charleston we had some massive mileage ahead of us. Not wanting to deal with the hassle of camping after our first big mileage day we reached out to Jerry & Jill on Warmshowers. With arrangements confirmed we spent a few minutes enjoying Greenvilles beautiful architecture and and waterfalls before pushing the remaining miles to our hosts house. Arriving at Jerry & Jill’s house as the sun was setting was no small feat, our bodies were not happy with the 88.5 miles we completed today, but by 5:30 we were inside, dry, and comfortable.

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