Cycling North to Old Friends

Tire fixed and loaded up with star-fruit we headed back north. Destination Pembroke Pines where we would meet up with my long time friend Kate Downing, whom I haven’t seen in ages. Our unplanned route put us on some crazy roads that would suddenly fade from paved asphalt to potholed dirt. Tired of the pot holes we made our way to the busier, albeit paved Krome Ave. Cuban culture and food is the flavor of the area and a few stops later we had passionfruit smoothies, tamales and a few new fans.

A quick stop for some Cuban food!

The 53 miles was a mix of finding quieter road and hiding from the strong crosswinds, not an easy task considering the flatness of Florida and our proximity to Miami. Timed perfectly we pulled into our destination as the last strands of light left the evening sky and we were greeted with the warm embrace of loving friends, a feisty pitbull, two adorable kids, and Shrek!!!

A loving embrace from the little ones.

We arrived at Kate and Ben’s home and found Kate preparing a wonderful fish dinner for us(my girl knows I am always hungry). After eating a delicious meal,(and trying to salvage Ben’s which was dumped on the floor…shhh) we headed to the patio for drinks and Kate and I reminisced about our “wild” Jersey days. The next morning we slept in, enjoying the comforts of home. Both Kate and Ben had off of work, so we decided to enjoy eachothers company and take it easy, enjoyed multiple cups of coffee & breakfast, while looking at entertaining pictures from our past. While the kids were at daycare, we ran errands which included Chris’s hunt for a special fender bolt from the home improvement store and Kate & Ben’s new kitchen faucet. After spending what seemed like forever in the store, we all decided we needed some afternoon drinks and food. Kate and Ben spoiled us by treating us to Hooter’s! Kate and I went to get the rugrats and we spent the rest of the night chillin, watching Shrek with Geneva who is Shrek’s biggest fan, while big stud Mac kicked his game to me by crawling all over me…adorable!

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