From Safe Quarters To Questionable Choices

David informed us that the houses we passed yesterday were in an area known as Millionaire Row, today we would ride past Billionaires Row. True to the description the walls and hedges were even taller hiding the even larger and gaudier houses.

The life of excess.

We rode north on A1A until we couldn’t any longer, before turning inland we explored the circular neighborhoods looking at the mostly empty houses being cared for by platoons of groundskeepers, contractors, and design companies. Inland we passed a hotel and yatch marina that both defined the words oppulent and excess. We relished in our out of place bicycles and clothes we have been wearing for months straight Oh to be free from the rat race!

A bit shabby for our tastes.
Much less affluent and more industrial West Palm Beach

Bunyan Trees

Waiting by the toll bridge

Tired and the prospects of finding a decent camping were nearly zero we stopped at an athletic field to investigate. Extremely active for a weeknight we settled at a picnic table and made dinner before scoping out a stealth site. We deliberated back and forth over the benefits to sleeping behind the tennis court versus baseball field. In the end we chose the tennis courts…

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