Homestead, FL Redux

Away from the deadly rush of traffic and back into farm country we made a final stop at the exotic, expensive, and entertaining farm stand Robert Is Here. Mystified by all the unknown tropical fruits we eventually resorted to asking for help from none other than Robert!

Robert Is Here – A tropical fruit stand in South Florida complete with a small petting zoo.
Those Florida sunsets...
Those Florida sunsets…

Loaded up with delicate sapotes and soursops we rode the short distance back to the familiar bike haven of Paradise Farms. The farm is truly a cyclist paradise. Ernest, Amanda, and I hung out under the pavilion where we had spent our first night. We finally got the chance to meet Gabriele on her way to the Caribbean for farm consulting work. Paying guests were staying so we moved our tent to the mushroom soil processing area where upon his arrival we shared space with Guillaume.

The beauty and serenity of Paradise Farms.  We heavily utilized the kitchen and spent much of the day lazing in the patio/gazebo.

Since we were here a week ago Dennis left and was in Columbia and in his place was Guillaume. On a trip from the Basque region, Guillaume, came to the US through Boston visiting family, somehow ended up in New York City where he spontaneously bought a second-hand bike and gear and decided on a whim to ride to Florida! Go Guillaume!!

Our full day off left us with time to pretend to update the blog, chat about travelling the world, and complete much needed bike cleaning/maintenance. The sand and salt air was not kind to our steel bikes. Like all great rest days this one too came to an end and as we were trying to leave, yet another flat blessed by cheap sub-par tires. (Note: Schwalbe Marathon are the only touring tire. Learn from my mistakes.)

Ernest & Gui, the crowd always changes. The mood stays the same - peaceful.
Ernest & Gui, the crowd always changes. The mood stays the same – peaceful.

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