Key West – Two Ways; Two Days

Nicole arrived as we were finishing lunch, together the three of us joined the fray of tourists taking their pictures at the Southernmost Point buoy. After getting yelled at for taking a minute too long we moved on, heading to meet Sarah, our warmshowers host, at the Blue Heaven.

The Southernmost Point in the Continental US.  Revolution Coffee went along for the ride!
Blue Heaven, Key West, FL

Fire performer at the Mallory Square Sunset Celebration

Meeting the Donoughes permitted us access to a private party for the local bus tour company. The three of us took turns on the hamster wheel crushing ice for our adult drinks. Wandering the party we tasted treats from the local brewery and various food establishments on the island.

Human Powered Snow Cones – “Be The Hamster!” 

The night was fueled by the hundreds of bars ready to pour drinks at a moments notice. Insistent on a decent beer we stopped by the Porch. Thanks to my GoPro many blurry photos were taken with the night somehow leading us back to the Southernmost Point. How did we get here? Look ma’ no crowd!

Trying to make sense of the streets, the millions of options and staying far away from those sharp teeth!
Pepe’s was far too expensive for our happy hour sized wallets.  Weaving in and our of venues looking to try them all we made a stop at The Smallest Bar, stopped to eat Conch Fritters and attempted to Blow The Conch (Amanda was a pro). After learning the price of a PBR we ran from Hog’s Breath, grabbed a craft beer at The Porch, and wandered into the live music at Capt Tony’s Saloon.  Amanda and Nicole danced at Irish Kevin’s before the three of walked to Green Parrot Bar accompanied by two British gents.
No crowds at 4am!

Waking up in Nicole’s car was not the original plan, nor was it comfortable; we starting the day with a 26 mile bike ride and then partying until 4am we would sleep anywhere.  Cramped we moved to the massive ‘Porch Couch’ where we all more room. Hangovers were handled by strong coffee served by our host and her roommates. The decision was made to re-explore Key West this time aiming for the sites and food rather than Miller and Bud Light.

Porch Couch
Porch Couch
Our hosts bike collection and decorations.

The culinary and culture tour of Key West.  We sampled Key Lime Pie, ate a plethora of seafood, and tried unsuccessfully to get a late night Cuban Coffee.

Despite the bad decision to stop at Fat Tuesday’s, the weird decision to have dessert at “Better Than Sex”, and the good decision to make starfruit and mango sangria; we actually made it into our tent and too bed at a reasonable hour.

Key West camping
Key West camping

I am quite certain Nicole was not expecting any of these sleeping arrangements. She held in like a champ and offically joined us ‘on tour’. She left early needing to drive several hours before her shift at the Ale House. Amanda and I took our time, eating breakfast at the Blue Heaven, saying goodbye to our host, and taking a few final photos to officiate our completion of the East Coast.

Good bye Key West!

The End. The Beginning.
The End. The Beginning.

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