Paradise Farms – Homestead, FL

Arriving at a WS host at 9pm is never the goal, but this was not the typical host. The farm sells organic micro-greens and Oyster mushrooms to the affluent Miami crowd. While city dwellers pay for lodging in the several plush accommodations. The city folk pay for lodging in the plush B&B, while the vagabond warm showers guest sleep out in their tents; both are handled by legendary cycle tourer, Ernest Markwood.

On the road for 9 years, Ernest left his life in South Africa to join the crowd as a nomad, eventually finding himself a sweet gig allowing him to work for half the year and bike the remainder. Living the dream!!!

We camped amongst the palms next to our Russian compadre, Dennis Khymel. The palms sheltered us from the far too common morning dew, however a rogue palm threw its coconut at out tent breaking one of our poles. Armed with nearly a decade of experience and a plethora of extra tent poles, Ernest set us up with a patch that would hold as strong as the original design.

A defeated tent pole.  Coconut 1 – Tent Pole 0
Our unscathed co-campers tent; Dennis must have better karma than us.  Group photo before we head south to the Keys and Dennis heads souther to Columbia

Apparently breaking tent poles is a common occurrence, being our first tent pole surgery it took many hours more than necessary. Ernest patiently guided us through the process before transitioning from tent pole surgery to coconut revenge.  At some point we actually left and did head south.

Delicious and difficult coconut revenge.


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