South to the Key West On US-1

It was hard to pry ourselves away from the beautiful farm grounds as well as the company of other tourers, eventually we set off. Our ride took us through Homestead and Florida City down Krome Ave before we merged with US-1 taking us into Key Largo and the single road that would take us to the Southernmost point in the US.

Key Largo the entryway into the the keys also showed us yet another spectacular sunset! Not motivated to cook we ate several pounds of Pad Thai, then rode from one dark corner to another in an attempt to find a secluded stealth sight.

Welcome to the Keys

Setting up camp late at night we had no idea the details of where we were camped. Several morning walkers gave us odd looks as we dried and packed our tent, however one brave soul introduced himself and explained that the construction site had been there in the same state for over 5 years.

We learned quickly in the morning that we had setup in a neighborhood beside construction equipment.

Hot and hoping to rinse off the sweat and sunscreen we searched for a publicly accessible beach to swim at; our on Islamorada at Library Beach Park. Tucked behind the municipal library the park boasted beach access, showers, and quiet from the hustle of the main road.

A relaxing dip at Library Beach Park.
One of the many pedestrian/fishing bridges we crossed.
Enjoying the day with the wildlife
Sea-foam lined bike paths, reminiscent of snow covered sidewalks from back home.
Sea-foam lined bike paths, reminiscent of snow covered sidewalks from back home.

Our night concluded quiet magically, meeting Joe & Sandy Donoughe outside of Wendy’s. They were in the Keys for a promotion and invited us to share a tent-site with them at Bahia Honda State Park. Remiss to pass up on their offer we pedaled across the seven-mile bridge in complete darkness to the park on the other side. We cooked a seaweed and something dinner amusing them with our collection of gear and stories.

Waking up with the company of kind strangers we packed and set off to our final destination, Key West. By midday we arrived in Key West, we stopped for lunch and waited for Nicole to finish her drive to before exploring the Key.12803697915_70c3b13462_b

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