The Pirate Invasion of Tampa!

Kristi moved to Tampa while we were riding around Florida to attend classes.  Having stayed at her former Ocean City house while she was in Costa Rica, we not only get to stay in her house, but also see her this time! Kristi’s daytime classes left us with time to entertain ourselves, explore Tampa and hang out with Dutchey (her dog).

Finally we get to try the famed Cuben Sandwich.
Marathon Mondials, hopefully no more flats
Marathon Mondials, hopefully no more flats

The following day the three of us met up with Jamie and Charles for dinner. It was great to finally meet the people I have worked with for more than 6 years. After dinner we went out to Cigar City Brewing for 3 flights of samplers. In the spirit of Pokemon – gotta taste ’em all!

Goin’ Out!
Dinner with Charles and Jamie
Dinner with Charles and Jamie
Cigar City Brewing

Never satisfied with enough time on the saddle Amanda and I went for a nighttime critial mass group ride. About 50 riders all met up decorated with as many lights and as much music as can be crammed onto bicycles and rode around the city. The ride is to promote shared roads with cyclist and motorist, but for us it was an excellent way to explore the city and meet fellow cyclist.

Tampa Critial Mass group ride.

Arrgggghhh!!!! GASPARILLA, Tampa’s Pirate Invassion. Uber couldn’t even get us through the hordes of people walking the streets of Tampa so on foot we walked from Tampa Bay to Downtown enjoying the cannon-fodder, bead launching, and revalry. Publix was nice enough to stay open during the event and have a healthy supply of modestly priced cold beers for us to enjoy!

By the time the last float passed by the privacy screens on the fences we ripped down and several thousand people were making their way uptown to Ybor. Through a series of fortunate events we found our way onto a private bus and were delivered quickly and safely uptown.
The mass of revellers heading uptown.
The Gasparilla Pirate Ship!
Magical bus ride to Ybor.

Full of PBR and its cheap alternatives, I was needing a craft-ier brew. New World Brewery it was. We enjoyed the calmness and ambiance for a while. After a few hours the bar livened up and a lively local decided to buy us rounds and a pizza!

The Bars of Ybor City

Bar hopping a half dozen times we made our way to a Detroit Style Pizza Food Truck with a minimum 30 minute wait. The pizza was good, but what is Detroit Style?

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