Baton Rouge with Phillip & Goldie

Phillip met us at the door warmly inviting us into his home. Hearing about the sad state of our chains he offered his garage as space to complete a bit of maintenance as well as hang our wet tent to dry. Goldie arrived home to a house full of cyclists and quickly tossed together a meal to feed the four of us. Phillip started a tradition in his own travels and extends it to warm showers guest of writing important memories about the moment on the menu. Naturally we didn’t have menus so Phillip started a sheet for us to fill with various information about ourselves and our tour.

Amanda took the lead filling in recipes, music, and books we enjoy and left the coloring to me. Over ice cream I added a bit of color to an otherwise black and white sheet. The final product a compilation of both our artistic skills contained much info about ourselves, but looked like it was colored by a 5 year old.

Our "menu"
Our “menu”

The weather the following morning called for thunderstorms with possible tornado activity in the immediate area. After waiting a few hours and hoping for a change in the forecast that never happened Phillip offered to allow us another night under the safety of their roof. Grateful and dry we accepted the offer and set about the busy work of relaxing!

Hanging out.

Amanda read for much of the day, while I attempted to mend two holes that had started to wear in my beloved ancient shirts. Not wanting to spend any money I utilized some scraps of fabric and sewed the hole saving the shirt for several more years of love and abuse.

With hours to kill Phillip, Amanda, and I ventured into the calm drizzle to go to Trader Joe’s. We mused about the wrongness of the forecast while buying Harisssa sardines and goliath chocolate bars. Phillip interviewed the staff about various corporate policies and was left with the impression that the company treats its employees well, but is no magical anomaly.

Back at the house Goldie had been cooking beans for another delicious meal. Topped of as required with ice cream and chocolate chunks. We enjoyed the downtime and the home-ness that our hosts provided. A peaceful respite in Baton Rouge.

Goodbyes to our hosts Goldie and Phillip.
Goodbyes to our hosts Goldie and Phillip.

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