Mississippi On My Mind

Following the coastal route only took us through Alabama for a few days, Mississippi would be no different. A few miles down the road from our lunch spot we crossed into the “Birthplace of America’s Music.”

Welcome to Mississippi.  A certified retirement region.  What?!

We contemplated a tour at the gator farm, but changed our minds due to the price. Wandering around we caught a glimpse of very large gators lazing in the sun. Crossing dozens of bridges we followed the Mardi Gras beads west to Gulf Islands National Seashore.

Riding from the Mississippi gator farm over the watery landscape of the coast, we followed the trail of beads west.

Bemoaning our limited budget and expensive camping we were contemplating what to do tonight while munching on a snack.  Wandering around and seeking out a convenient place to pitch the tent when we found this…

Sleeping feet from the Gulf on what is essentially a filled swamp we are constantly dealing with condensation in and on our tent. Drying out the tent is a task easiest performed with it setup, but alas this is not always possible when stealth camping. The solution today was to be obvious! With the tent draped over a fish pier railing the dew was dried in not time and we were soon on our way to another one of Amanda’s coffee shop finds. The Greenhouse on Porter.

We were accompanied by a few road riders on the way to The Greenhouse on Porter for our caffeine fix and some inspiration.

Across the bridge in Biloxi we stopped at the Biloxi Visitors Center & Museum, and were confused by the lighthouse in the middle of a highway. To draw in tourist to their beaches Mississippi built out the beach hundred of feet past its natural location, causing the lighthouse which was on the waters edge to now reside in the center of US-90.

Biloxi Lighthouse.
Biloxi Lighthouse.

An entire day spent biking without much wind, along endless white beaches is the ideal picture of Gulf Shores cycling. The shoreline was quiet and open thanks to sparse development, as a result of recent hurricanes destroying many of the buildings.

A day spent on Mississipi Gulf Shores.

Missing a turn led us to an abandoned, half-built high rise obstructing the view to the beach. The perfect place to setup a tent for the night! Beach camping…CHECK!

Mississippi Beach Camping

From our beach camp US-90 went inland away from the very wet coastline we cycled for a few brief hours before arriving at the East Pearl River and a sign indicating the St. Tammany Parish. WAIT?! Parrish… That’s Louisiana! Goodbye Mississippi, Hello Louisiana

Goodbye Mississippi

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