Pensacola, FL

While saying goodbyes at Coldwater Garden the infamous topic came up once again. “Where are you going to sleep tonight?” Amanda Meyers extended an invitation to stay at her and her husband, Ian’s, house. She happen to live in Pensacola, one day’s ride away. We packed our bikes and started towards Pensacola; back on US-90.

As we got nearer to the coast and Pensacola the hills started to grow in intensity, we stopped to stretch our legs at Bay Bluffs Park hoping to see more than the unimpressive train tracks. From the park we stopped at Apple Market for some groceries and a snack. The owner, after chatting with us about our journey thus far, gifted us a fresh baked sweet bread.

We biked in circles over and over until we finally figured out the neighborhood and made it to Amanda and Ian’s house. They were kind enough to open their homes to us the night before a trip to New Orleans with another friend. Everyone was in good company and well fed started to slip into a coma from all the delicious food. We slept soundly in the warmth of new friends.

Excited about the prospect of seeing Pensacola unencumbered with the heft of our panniers we biked downtown.  Our first stop was a requisite cuppa coffee from the local barista scene.  Caffeine levels fully restored to their peak we found ourselves at the farmers market: a fantastic mix of truck farmers, prepared food, artisan crafts, and a musical entertainment.

Entertainment at the Pensacola Farmers Market

In every developed town, village, or city we pass through Amanda researches all possible coffee houses, bakeries, and food co-ops.  In fitting with our trends we stopped at Ever’man Natural Foods for some groceries (aka: kombucha) and a gamble of a purchase, yogurt.  With no ability to keep it cool it would be a race between us eating it and the sun heating it.

Florida Kombucha
Florida Kombucha

Wandering through the Historic Pensacola Village we ran into Ian and Amanda on their way to NOLA.  We said goodbye once again and stopped in the brewery opting to drink and skipping the historic walking tour.

History or Beer?   Beer!

With the bulk of our day spent exploring Pensacola we managed to make it to Big Lagoon State Park, less than 10 miles from the Alabama State Line.

Big Lagoon State Park
Big Lagoon State Park


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