Welcome to the Republic of Texas

Crossing the Sabine River we were greeted into the massively wide welcoming arms of the Republic of Texas by several bigger than the next welcome signs. Overwhelmed by the size of the state and signs we bewilderedly looked at each other from our start and approximate end point. This is going to be a big state!

Welcome to Texas!

Frustrated with Google routing us through several dozen miles of sandy farm access road we decided to test our luck by following the car route along with a massive amount of traffic. Texas loves their engines! Camping was an easy decision as we passed a few active churches followed by a quiet one with a dark yard to pitch the tent.

Awake earlier than we like to be, we switched from camping mode to travelling cyclist stopping for breakfast. The transition is always a magical one that moves us from quasi-legal to completely legit. While making coffee a generous local stopped to say hello and offered us some cupcakes for breakfast. After musing over the crawfish tunnels and an overly personable squirrel we finally started the long ride to our final destination with Jane & Dave>>.

Good morning sun. Good morning squirrel.
Texas roads and roadside sights.

The rumors of horrible riding in Texas were proving to be quite far from the truth, we alternated from roads with generous shoulders to roads with so few cars we questioned their utility. Our ride put us on a bike path so new it wasn’t listed on Google. (Although Google Maps is much less useful than one would expect on a bike tour in the US.)

The LSET Bike Path. What is LSET, who know, who cares!

The total ride today was 79-miles, but we would have guessed it to be more like 200 due to the lack of water, stores, or any other development besides barb-wire fences. From bike path to several farm market roads we road for hours without any restocking of water or snacks. The sun descended below the treeline giving us a show of colors and light rays, but leaving us with little more than a few dozen lumens of bike lights to navigate with. We finally found the Escapees Senior Care Center a confusing place with a confusing name. Giving up on searching and the uselessness of Google Maps we finally called Jane & Dave who met us and escorted us back to the land yacht, Sweet Rollin’.

From the wide open spaces of sparsely developed Farm Market Roads we rode for hours, past sunset to Escapees RV Club.

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