Amanda’s Del Rio Birthday

A fitful night sleep was ended prematurely by the need to ride. Del Rio was 47 miles away and we had until noon to arrive. Amanda & Chris dealt with my unreasonable request like champs the three of us spinning pedals at 5:30am. Our earliest start yet.

Early Morning Riding
Early Morning Riding

Stopping at the first “Open” sign we (three caffeine junkies) had our morning coffee after logging 15 miles of riding. Each gust of wind, hilly incline, and water break added stress to the time crunch. Several miles from the actual town we passed a series of Welcome signs each proclaiming that we were in the town when infact we were still riding down the highway.

Sprinting down the highway. Dead Foxes?

After the entire morning of pushing we arrived 15 minutes before closing, but in time to pick up the replacement tires we ordered in Livingston. Mail stacked on my bike akin to the Beverly Hillbillies we let the morning wash over us while we downed a few donuts in a small shop. In the frenzy of early morning riding Amanda’s birthday was pushed aside, but it was her day and after a bit of Googling she decided the Ramada would be her treat.

Luxury on Tour
Luxury on Tour

The bikes unloaded onto the bell hop and secured with the front desk it was time to relax. Chris Ayers showered before heading his separate way for the night while I tore into the package we had raced all morning to get. Because we are awesome and our room included drinks and free pizza during happy hour our proximity to Mexico required the drinking of Modelo Especial!


Happy Birthday Amanda!


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